The People’s Panorama is an ambitious project to create a community heritage resource recording and documenting the six-kilometre stretch of road from Aldgate to Stratford in East London. The project will celebrate the High Street at this historic point in its development and act as a record of the route from central London to the 2012 Olympic Park.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Welcome to the People's Panorama Blog!

The People’s Panorama Project has begun, with the induction and training of 26 fantastic volunteers. The volunteers will research the history of every building along High Street 2012, and this work will form the majority of the content of a major on-line resource about this historic high street.  

The road is 6km long with approximately 600 distinctive buildings along it, so we are delighted to have a team of such dedicated volunteers to undertake this ambitious task. In carrying out their research, the volunteers will become the experts on High Street 2012, uncovering its history and hidden stories.

The team of volunteers will also contribute to the other exciting learning programmes that are part of the project. These will include an adults learning programme, a schools programme and a lifelong learning programme.  

The team of volunteers will be adventuring out onto High Street 2012 on 4th February, to start their research. Keep an eye on this blog for updates of what the volunteers discover!